Nothing brings a smile like giving back.

In Zimbabwe a lot of communities rely on the generosity of non-profit organisations, donations or food programs. That is exactly why Malaicha World came to be.

Malaicha World serves a specific social purpose, to provide all Zimbabweans with equal access to essential goods and groceries. We procure and provide forthright and fast distribution of food and essential bulk goods and hampers to organisations and communities within Zimbabwe. We hope to soon expand this service to more countries within Africa.

Our mission with Malaicha World is clear: To change the way aid is distributed in Africa.

This might sound like a simple task, but we have noticed working with that basic essentials are not as widely accessible or affordable. What we offer is a very attractive and reliable distribution process that guarantees delivery within a couple of days within Zimbabwe. We hope to grow and expand this service, so keep watching this space!

How the team operates

Hundreds of items

Zimbabwean team packing hampers

The extra mile

Delivering in all areas and communities

Helping people stay safe

Education on how to prevent COVID-19

Do you know any NGO or food programs? Let them contact us.

See the change Malaicha World makes

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