You have recently moved out of finance. What is your current position?

I am managing the Hello Paisa Malawi Corridor in its entirety, reporting to our MD Sayjil Magan. I handle every aspect of the corridor (Sales, Customers Experience, Brand Awareness, Pricing, Budgeting, In-country Operations, Partner Relationships, as well as the safeguarding of Company assets).

I have inherited a splendid Team of Individuals that make this possible. I call them the Dream Team, and I am incredibly proud and privileged to be working with them daily. In unison, these 5 key personnel (Cornelius Du Plesis, Wouter Combrinck, Karishma Gandhi, Abdul-Azeez Bassa and Yeshen Gounder) oversee a headcount of:


and this recipe produces that do more than 80,000 transactions a month.

I focus primarily on meeting the growth expectations

for the Malawian corridor set by our Executive Committee every annum. Even though these expectations are expressed in numbers and KPI’s and look quite simple, it consists of a plethora of sub deliverables that must happen in synergy, combined with a lot of faith, nerves and blessings from above. I am still learning every single day and humbly thank our Leadership for backing me and giving me the opportunity to apply myself.

What are some exciting things we can look forward to?

2022 is Time for Africa to Shine Hello Paisa. I genuinely believe that our company will start rapidly growing our services in the African continent next year. The strategic and meticulous expansion of our product offering into more African countries will supplement our well-established Asian Market and put Hello Paisa on another level altogether.

Is it true you are a springbok fisherman?

Most definitely not true. I Wish! 😊

I have achieved my Provincial Colours in Saltwater Angling and will represent Gauteng in the upcoming SASSA Nationals hosted in February 2022 in Eastern Cape. Unfortunately, only 12 of the most astute anglers were chosen to represent South Africa and received their Springbok colours.

Is it true you always win ‘best dressed’ at year-end functions?

Only when the theme aligns with my alter ego


Thank you