In 2015

he designed our first issue of the Hello Covered Magazine, and 6 years later, he is on the Cover. Ernest’s passion for life is infectious, and you cannot help but smile in his presence. His curiosity to explore, learn and grow has moulded a man who has a broad knowledge of design, art, books, fitness, and all things Hello.

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Congratulations on being on our Hello Cover. Can you believe it?

No way, I am still in shock. It was the best surprise. It’s such an honour to be chosen to represent Hello. Thank you very much for this opportunity.

What is your current role?

I then went into UX/UI (User Experience Design and User Interface Design), and today I work as a Product Manager/Business Analyst. My role enables the Hello Paisa team to get their tasks done in the most efficient way possible by eliminating any obstacles. I work with different stakeholders to create a requirements specification for the new features, or feature enhancements as a roadmap for the developers

Who is your favourite person to work with within the Dev and BI/BA team?

*Laughing* That’s an unfair question because I love working with everyone in the Dev team. I have tremendous respect for Phillana and Lauren as BA’s. They have done amazing things, from Building the Bank and Bank Systems to Hello Pay and Inwards. Their problem-solving, BA, and leadership skills are the things that inspire me to be better at my job.

How did you adapt during the Covid Pandemic to life and working from home?

The covid pandemic was and still is a tough one, as we all know. As soon as I was eligible to get the vaccine, I jumped for the opportunity. Why? As a critical thinker and researcher, I believe data tells a better story than people’s opinions. It’s been proven repeatedly that the vaccine helps people from getting severely ill from COVID-19 and all its’ variants. Anyone has a higher survival rate when they are vaccinated.

Guess the correct answer

As an avid reader, which books would you recommend to our readers?

Designing your lifeThe Cat In The HatHarry Potter

Not many people know this, but you are quite the fitness freak. Which sport have you trained in?

Mixed Martial ArtsSoccerBasketball

I know you love travelling, and have recently gone to Ireland. Tell our readers which other country you went to that was one of your best experiences.


Do you have a hero you look up to and why?

SupermanGary VBill Gates