We love recognizing our colleagues for what they do, when no else really sees. They go above and beyond what is expected, and always deliver top results. They are an inspiration to all of us and we hope they will keep up the good work. We love featuring them and this way our readers can get to know them a bit better. They are not just Hello employees, we call them

I am a Financial Accountant. I joined Hello Group in March 2016 and work for Hello Paisa and Daytona Capital Management. I love the fact that it challenges me and provides me the opportunity to use my problem solving skills.

What makes Hello different from other companies? Well, I can tell you that Hello gives their employees an opportunity for growth within the company. I started as a Junior Accountant, straight out of Varsity. Today, I am a Financial Accountant, managing a team of 3.

There is one person who have always inspired me, and it’s my father, Malindi Alfred Ramadwa. Growing up he was known as the ‘go-to-person’ not only by his children but also the entire village. I grew up aspiring to be like him and I would like to thank my siblings for the Support structure we have been to one another.

Working with my Hello team gives me so much joy. We work hard together as a team, and we support each other wherever we can. A big shout out and thanks to my boss Herman Bothma for believing in me.

My motto in life: Honesty, trust, hard work and patience will take you places.

I was born and raised in the Eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo in a small city called Bukavu. A very beautiful city with a lake view which was unfortunately ravaged by an ongoing war. After matriculating, I left the city of Bukavu to begin my tertiary education in the capital city.

In 2015 I was invited to attend an Open Day at Hello Group. It lead to me getting my employment at Hello and I never looked back. Today, 6 years later, I am an Infrastructure Administrator which entails looking after the whole Hello IT infrastructure such as servers, routers, firewalls, switches... literally all IT related devices.

There are always exciting new projects in the works for our departments. Most of the projects I work on include maintaining servers to keep up to date with an ever changing tech world to sustain a level of security and put our customers at easy while navigating through our systems knowing that their transactions and personal information are kept safe at all times. Our department consists of 8 people with me being the only girl and the longest running member (apart from Sharma), making me an ancestor in IT Tech. 😊

One thing I love about Hello, is the opportunity we are given to grow and the creative spirit that is instil upon us. Hello is a family; from CEO to cleaners, everyone is treated with the outmost respect.

I grew up as a middle child between two boys, and it has made me a competitive person and inspired me to work hard. My family is my biggest motivation, especially my daughter. I would love to give her the best life possible.

My motto in life: Do good. Give, by expecting nothing in return, and your reward will be great.

I have been part of Hello Paisa UAE since October 2019. I have worked in the remittance industry for the last 10 years. Working for Hello Paisa has given me opportunities to learn and I really appreciate the support that we get from the rest of the UAE team.

Currently we are a team of 7 in our UAE office and we are working on many projects such as activating more corridors and agent network for our customers across GCC region. My major role is to make sure all daily operations flow smoothly.

Here is a bit about me... I love to play cricket. Recently the Hello Paisa team took part in a cricket tournament for the first time and we won! You can read all about it in this Hello magazine. I am originally from India, and my family is still there. I miss them, especially my younger son who is only 3 months old. My dream in my life is to be able to provide free education for underprivileged children.

I am from the beautiful island of Mauritius. I joined Hello back in 2018 as an intern as my first job, but today I work as a software QA. My role is to identify issues with the software prior to moving it to production. I write test cases/test scripts based on the requirements given and make sure the team delivers software of quality and free of bugs. Currently I am working for Hello Pay, which is very exciting.

The people at our office are amazing, and they make the working environment fun. Daytona Mauritius is like a family now. Hello has given me a chance to prove myself. Thanks to Vikram and Akhmez, they saw my potential and overlooked my physical disabilities. I am proud to be working here.

My family and people’s confidence in me is the biggest driving factor and motivation for me to do well. My motto in life is: "With Persistence and Consistency SUCCESS will follow..."