for the hard work, the weekends, the late nights, the laughs, the family sacrifices, the missed lunches, and dinners, because your customer always came first. Finally, thank you for being the rock stars that you are.

To all the newbies, I want to say a huge welcome and good luck on the start of your Hello Journey. I hope you can learn a lot during your time here and more importantly teach us what you have learned along the way.

Another year and another kickass magazine. Congratulations to Ernest for making the cover, it’s so well deserved, and it’s been a long time coming.

I know a lot of you are wondering when you will be allowed back to the office, to be honest, I miss the sound of many voices, bumping into people in the hallways, standing in line at the toilets… okay I don’t miss the last part but unfortunately for now we are continuing with a work from home strategy. Things seem to be changing for the better so whilst no decision has been made yet I encourage you to get your vaccine if you haven’t already. This will make your transition to the office a lot smoother.

For all the uncertainty that 2021 brought, we could still rely on the amazing business we have built throughout the years. I told you guys to watch out for this one last year, Hello Pay, what an amazing job from the Hello Pay team in such a short space of time. To QMart, Hello Paisa and Malaicha teams, you guys continue to bring it year after year and once again you did not disappoint. To our Hello family abroad in Mauritius, India and ofcourse the UAE, we couldn’t do any of this without you.

We all know about the unrest in our country last year and a lot of our customers business were affected to such an extent that they could not even rebuild their business. Simply because they did not have access to basic business insurance. So, we did something about it. In December last year we launched our Hello Protect Business Cover for small business so now, no one will be caught out again. If anything like this happens again, they will be covered and can rebuild their livelihoods, and this what Hello is about.

With the rise in crime, we also launched our Armed Response Panic Button, available on the Hello Paisa app, so customers can press this button and the closest armed response team will attend to them during their time of need.

These are just a few examples of how 16 years later we are still making a difference in people’s lives. I want to take this moment to remind you guys of our WHY. This is why we do what we do:

“We try and solve basic problems by carefully crafting solutions and providing access to customers that very few companies care about, we do this by using technology in ways that very few companies have thought about, so that all our customers can realise their true potential and that my friends is what hello is all about.”

So there you have it, 2021 in the rear view and welcome 2022. I hope you guys enjoy the magazine as much as I have and remember to keep safe and I’ll see you soon.