Market disruptor doing its bit to keep Zimbabwean families warm

Media Release | 17 June 2016

International money transfer provider, Hello Paisa, part of the Hello Group, continues to disrupt the African remittance market and has just kicked off a three-month winter promotion offering customers the ability to send money from South Africa to Zimbabwe at a zero transaction fee.

Hello Paisa survey data shows that the typical Zimbabwean customer earns less than R3 000 a month and tends to send more money home over the winter months when their children and parents need warm clothing, blankets and face higher electricity costs due to the increased use of heaters.

Chief executive of the Hello Group, Nadir Khamissa, says that Hello Paisa initially launched with a 5% transaction fee for sending money from South Africa to Zimbabwe and that was already favourable compared to the market rate of 10%. “World Bank research shows that Africa has some of the most expensive remittance corridors in the world. It just feels wrong that the poorest people in the world should pay the highest fees to feed and clothe their families. In response to this challenge, we launched Hello Paisa in March last year,” he says.

Khamissa says over the last 15 months, the Hello Group has built up a network of high quality partners in Zimbabwe including Telecash, Cabs Bank, TM Stores and Zimpost. This far reaching network in Zimbabwe coupled with a significant customer base gives the company strong economies of scale. “Low cost money transfer has a profoundly positive impact on the families of economic migrants and allows Hello Group to deliver on its mission to transform the lives of marginalised communities through technology,” he says. The campaign runs from 11 June until 12 September 2016.

Hello Paisa partners include banks, retailers, mobile network operators and post offices across Africa and Asia and has a number of exciting new partners in the pipeline. “Hello Group is committed to working with our partners to harness the power of technology to create value for our partners and their customers. In addition a number of innovative, ground breaking partnerships will be announced in due course. Offering free money transfer over the winter months to the over 60,000 Zimbabwean customers who have already signed up for the service is testament to that commitment”.

How to use Hello Paisa

To register, visit any Hello Store nationwide, call our call centre on 0861 888 880 or dial *130*43556# and request to be signed up.

All you need to register is a valid ID, passport or asylum permit and a proof of residence. The Hello Paisa App is also available for download on the Google Play Store.

Once registered, sending money home is easy. Simply create a recipient, create an order and then settle your order at select retailers such as Checkers, Pick ‘n Pay, Shoprite, Spar, or at any FNB branch or Hello Store. Once the payment has been made your recipient will be able to collect the cash easily, safely and instantly from any of our trusted pay-out partners in their country.

About Hello Paisa/Hello Group

Hello Group is South Africa’s leading black-owned technology company offering low-cost, easily accessible and simple to use consumer and business services to migrant and informal communities. These services include telecoms, international money transfer services, distribution and FMCG activations 15 000 outlets and 45 000 independent agents nationally. Through affiliates the Group also has international money transfer licenses in 30 countries. Uniquely positioned by understanding and responding to local requirements in the regions in which they operate, Hello Group has a growing presence worldwide. They are headquartered in Centurion, South Africa.

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