Hello Paisa

Hello Paisa is a low-cost international money transfer solution, we found that the cost of remitting funds from South Africa was too expensive, takes long and there was no legal means available. So how exactly did we manage to take the world’s most expensive remittance corridor and turn it on its head? By lobbying financial regulators, using technology and partnering only with the world’s most reputable partners we have managed to drive the cost of international remittance down and provide a legal and low cost remittance platform which is accessible to all. With Hello Paisa we have successfully managed to solve a problem where many have failed before and changed the face of remittance forever. There was remittance and now there is HELLO PAISA.

We have developed 3 different access mechanisms taking into account the constraints that exist in our target markets, firstly we have an android app, you can also transact via our multilingual call centre but most importantly we have built a USSD dial string which is FREE for the customer to dial and they can than do a transaction overcoming those access barriers that exist at the base of the pyramid. From the time the customer initiates a transaction to the funds actually being available to his family member only takes a few minutes and a few clicks, the market response thus far has been overwhelmingly positive.

Visit www.hellopaisa.co.za today!

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