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Hello to a better future.

Our vision of becoming the dominant telecommunications, financial, business, travel, and media service provider within our target markets is fast becoming a reality. We are rapidly expanding our solutions across the world, our client retention rate is high and we aim to drive the business through referral customer acquisitions, without the need for active selling.

Our innovative products are efficient, low-cost and legally compliant – increasingly eliminating the need for traditional third-party service providers such as banks and telecommunication companies.

Who We Are

We are at the forefront of innovative technology in the telecommunications, financial, business, travel, and media sectors. While we follow global best-practises, we also possess vast expertise in the unique needs of the local markets in which we operate.
This makes the Hello Group the perfect partner in all our industries as we understand our customers’ environments, making our solutions relevant and flexible to their requirements.
We are the company that helps millions of migrants walk in our footsteps. We smooth the path for them in every way we can. We help them communicate, travel, transact, become entrepreneurs, obtain comfortable living space, educate themselves, plan for their future, socialise and share.

We are “Arrival City”

Our Core Values




Have fun


Idea meritocracy


Positive impact


Keep learning


Be bold


Embrace & drive change



What makes us different?

We break down barriers, we disrupt, we innovate. We defy bias. We level the playing field to enhance every facet of our customers’ lives, by providing a host of solutions that do not require traditional service providers that are often inefficient and relatively expensive to use. We are Hello.

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